Our Fundraising Plans

A HIGHER CALLING – Chaplains for Veterans, sponsored by the Institute for Living Intentionally, a 501c(3) organization that helps people design more purposeful, balanced lives, represents the formalization of the work being done by the three chaplains for service members and veterans like Jimmy, an actual case. Only the name and identifying details have been changed to preserve confidentiality.

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The program costs $100,000 a year to run. This funds:

  • The costs of telephone service
  • Promotional materials provided to veterans’ organizations, employers with high numbers of veterans, government veterans service providers, military Transition Assistance Program providers, and veterans, among others
  • Outreach to these organizations and other supporters of veterans in order to publicize the program
  • Screening of volunteer chaplains and training them to deal with civilian laws and standards
  • Preparation of the watch bill/duty roster and coordination of chaplains on duty

At an estimated 100 calls a week this means that for a gift of $18 you can ensure a veteran or family member gets to speak with a chaplain.

We are seeking funding from foundations and individuals who recognize the sacrifice that veterans have made. The size of your gift does not matter. You can choose to help one or many veterans. By joining the Active Duty Campaign through a monthly gift of $18 you can be a round-the-clock partner in our work. If you are interested in making a leadership gift please contact Rabbi Kevin Bemel at (530) 430-7227.

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Four excellent reasons to support the Active Duty Campaign are:

  1. Your donation improves the quality of life for veterans and their families and helps prepare them for the next phase of their lives. Active Duty giving maintains a vital lifeline for adults and children, assuring them that mental and spiritual support, understanding of their experience will always be there.
  2. Veterans benefit from knowing their fellow citizens support them in their transition to civilian life. Most maintain close ties to their comrades so the impact your gift makes on one veteran touches many others. Your gift to the Active Duty Campaign connects you to this fellowship.
  3. Contributions are tax-deductible. A donation sustains A HIGHER CALLING – Chaplains for Veterans and you may be able to reduce your total tax liability with a contribution.
  4. Every bit helps. Corporations and foundations often look to the number of donors in choosing the level at which they will support organizations. So, your gift can actually spur additional gifts.

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Our Plans for the Future

As the wars wind down the services are cutting their personnel. Current estimates are that the military will downsize by 200,000 to 1 million service members in the next five years. While the military provides transition assistance and ongoing support such as educational benefits and VA loans, these cannot replace the mental and spiritual support that many veterans need in order to make a successful transition to civilian life.

We can. A HIGHER CALLING – Chaplains for Veterans will expand to meet the ever-greater needs of demobilized service members. Our goal is to ensure every veteran and family member can speak with a chaplain.

Why We Deserve Your Support

Please become our partner in helping veterans secure a share of the American dream they fought to preserve. Your tax-deductible contribution is greatly appreciated. Please donate now.